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During the time of the mid-Renaissance, London was ruled by King Henry VII of England. During the late 15th century, the Templars made attempts to obtain the English throne. However, their plans were thwarted by Henry VII, as he imprisoned Lambert Simnel and had Perkin Warbeck hanged. In 1503, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins, sent a group of his apprentices to London to aid King Henry VII. They subsequently killed Warbeck and Simnel's co-conspirator Margaret of York in November of 1503.

Afterwards, the apprentices killed several Templars instigating riots over Margaret's death. One such Templar revealed that their Order had infiltrated Henry's Star Chamber, to which the apprentices quickly searched for the infiltrators; they found a group of Englishmen signing Borgia documents and eliminated them. As a reward, King Henry offered the Assassins a seat in the Star Chamber.[1][2]



In 1660, Charles Stuart was invited to London to be crowned King after having been exiled by Oliver Cromwell for several years. At his crowning, Stuart noticed a man holding a sphere wrapped in a thick piece of cloth talking with his General, George Monck.[3]


The Assassin Edward Kenway lived at Queen Anne's Square in Bloomsbury with his wife Tessa, son Haytham and daughter Jenny. On 3 December, 1735, men hired by the Templar – and family friend – Reginald Birch attacked their home, murdering Edward and kidnapping Jenny. Birch then took in Haytham, training him to become a Templar.[4]

In 1754, Haytham attended a performance of The Beggar's Opera at the Theatre Royal to find and kill the Assassin Miko. He recovered an artifact for Birch, who believed it was a key to a Precursor site in North America: Haytham set sail for Boston on the Providence. Meanwhile, Miko's murder became public news and left many civilians wondering whether to should leave the city or not.[5]

Four years later, Jenny returned to Queen Anne's Square after Haytham found her and rescued her from a palace in Damascus.[4]


During the year 1868, Assassins and fraternal twins Jacob and Evie Frye created the gang known as the Rooks to remove the influence of the Templar-backed gangs throughout London.[6]