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Liu Jin (1451 – 1510) was a prominent Chinese eunuch during the reign of the Zhengde Emperor, and the leader of the Eight Tigers.

In order to usurp his position, one of his fellow Tigers, Zhang Yong – an agent of the Templar Order – supported accusations of Liu Jin's conspiracy against the Emperor wherein Jin was stealing considerable amounts of gold and silver from the taxes.

In 1506, he had the Assassin Wang Yangming expelled from court after the latter insulted him. The Assassins organized the Prince of Anhua rebellion but Liu Jin, assisted by the Templars, countered it.

Upon finding proof that the eunuch was plotting to assassinate him, Zhengde sentenced Liu Jin to Ling Chi, or "the death of a thousand cuts" for two days, resulting in his demise. Young Shao Jun was one of the witnesses of his agonizing torture, the scene of which never left her memory.


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