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A gang headquarters in New York




During the Seven Years' War, several gangs were active in the American colonies, working with the Assassins. The leading Assassin figure among the gangs was Hope Jensen, a member of the Colonial branch of the Order.[1]

Gangs provided intelligence reports, support and manpower to the Assassins, holding strategic positions from the British, spying on Templar movements, and supporting the French in naval and infantry combat.The gangs were often led personally by Assassins, acting either as ship captains or as leaders within gang hideouts. They also made heavy use of various gases, often storing them in large barrels, or using them in the form of grenades similar to the Turkish Assassins.[1]

Gangs had multiple hideouts throughout New York, the northern Atlantic Ocean and the River Valley, harassing the populace and preventing businesses and homes from being renovated. When in control of an area, the gang members would hang large orange banners from buildings and clothes lines, some bearing the Assassin insignia, as well as marking graffiti on walls. Upon liberation from their control, these markers would go away, save for a few buildings owned by people without the proper money and resources to renovate the buildings themselves.[1]

Gangs also patrolled the seas, performing actions similar to those of pirate hunters when too many French Navy or gang ships were sunk.[1]

When the Assassins were wiped out by Shay Cormac, the gangs were ultimately crushed by the Templars, though they would still persist in small enclaves throughout the colonies.[1]


During the Victorian era, various gangs were active around London, primarily paid off by the British Templars, one of whom controlled each of the major gangs in the city and ruled the entire city with an iron fist. In retaliation, Jacob and Evie Frye of the British Assassins formed the Rooks in order to take back the city through the utilization of organized crime.[2]