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13241月8日或9日 (享年69岁)
威尼斯, 意大利





马可·波罗 (1254 – 1324),意大利威尼斯共和国的一名商人和探险家,同时也是意大利刺客兄弟会的一名成员。他受过良好的教育,学习过众多商学课程,诸如国际货币、估价和货运商船事务。



Early life

Marco was born in Italy in 1254, growing up in Venice and raised by his mother.[1]His father Niccolò Polo was a merchant, primarily trading with the Middle East, who had went on a voyage with his brother Maffeo. In 1257, Niccolò and Maffeo resided in Masyaf, Syria - the home of the Levantine Assassins - at the invitation of their Mentor, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. When the Mongols attacked Masyaf, Altaïr entrusted the Polo brothers with the codex he had written about his life, and five ancient keys. Though the codex was lost to the Mongols, the Polo brothers managed to successfully hide the keys in their home of Constantinople as requested, and founded an Assassins Guild in the city.[2]

In the meantime, Marco's mother had died and he was then raised by his uncle and aunt. In 1269, the Polo brothers returned to Venice, and Marco met his father for the first time.[1]They founded another Assassins Guild in Italy,[2]and Marco himself was raised to become an Assassin.[3]

Retrieving the Codex

Two years later, he and his father and uncle went on a journey through Asia. In 1275, they reached China, and visited the Mongol leader Kublai Khan.[1]From the palace of Genghis Khan, Marco retrieved Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's lost codex,[3]and had taken it with him to Venice when they returned there in 1295.[1]

In Venice, Marco became the patron of a fellow member of the Assassin Order and his son, who would later take on the name Domenico Auditore. One afternoon in the summer of 1296, Marco called Domenico into his study, at which point Domenico's father revealed that he was an Assassin. Marco told Domenico that he would start his apprenticeship with Dante Alighieri, and that he would carry Dante across the Mediterranean to Spain; unbeknownst to Domenico at that point, to bring the codex to safety.[3]

Later life

In 1321, Dante was murdered by the lifelong enemies of the Assassins, the Templars, who had secretly proceeded to exist. When Domenico came to inform his father and Marco of Dante's death, he was rushed into the study and both of them informed Domenico of the Templars' existence. They told Domenico to quickly sail to Spain with the codex, and while ushering Domenico out the door, Marco gave Domenico a piece of paper with his own bank account number on it, telling him that he could draw on his credit at any bank in Italy.[3]

In late 1323, Marco became ill. Marco died on 8 or 9 January 1324, killed by the Templars.[3]


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